Mayor of the Borough

Cllr Humphreys was born and raised in Horsham, where he lived until he moved to Banstead in 1997, and where he lives with his wife Sarah. He has two children, Gemma and Dan and one grandson so far, Aleksander.

Cllr Humphreys has worked in the financial services sector for all of his career, mainly as an adviser, before retiring along with Sarah last year.

In 2012, Cllr Humphreys was elected to be councillor for Banstead ward, this decision was driven by him wanting to get involved and help in the community. He enjoys helping residents, whether this is sorting out local issues or being part of a team to develop the area, for instance the recent playground development in Lady Neville Park.

Since 2015 he has been Executive Member for Economic Prosperity, a role which he has been proud to hold. It has enabled him to get to know and understand the needs of our local businesses, especially in such trying times. He and the Economic Prosperity team have provided an excellent environment to help small, medium and large businesses to operate in and provided the support they deserve to maintain and grow their business.

As Executive Member for Economic Prosperity, one of Cllr Humphreys' achievements was to set up a business guild in both Redhill and Banstead. They have brought businesses together to benefit themselves and the local area.

In his leisure time, apart from spending time with his family, Cllr Humphreys loves Rugby and most other sports.  He has recently taken up Ballroom and Latin dancing, though not quite Strictly Come Dancing level yet!  In addition, he has recently gone back to East Surrey College to try to learn another language, Spanish.


Cllr Humphreys theme for this year is “togetherness”.  As we are still coping with the effects of Covid and the very sad invasion of Ukraine he feels that by bringing people together to improve resources and complement each other to ensure a better outcome for our communities, we can make this a better time and place.

The Mayor's chosen charities

Cllr Humphreys has chosen to support two charities during his Mayoral term, which runs until May 2024: - The Royal British Legion and The Lucy Rayner Foundation.

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During the year, the Mayor will represent the Borough by attending a broad range of functions, from formal receptions and official openings to visits to local clubs, schools and community groups, to 100th birthday celebrations.

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