Council tax refunds

Requesting a refund

We can issue a refund when there is a valid credit balance on your account. Your account may be in credit due to an overpayment, an award of council tax support, an award of a discount/exemption or because the band of your property has been reduced.

  • Direct Debit payments - if you pay by Direct Debit you do not need to apply for a refund. The amount owed to you will automatically be refunded to your account.
  • Other payments  - if you pay online or using another manual method, you will need to complete our online refund form below and we will pay the refund into your bank account - please note, we no longer issue refunds by cheque. Please be advised that you will also need to provide a bank statement as evidence that the nominated bank account belongs to the applicant - please email this to

Council tax refund form

What should I do if I am moving address and have a credit balance on my council tax account?

  • If you have a credit balance on your account and you are moving within the borough, we will transfer the balance to your new council tax account in Reigate and Banstead.
  • If you have a credit balance on your account and you are moving out of the borough, please complete our online refund form above and we will pay the refund into your bank account.

Credit balances due to an exemption/ discount / council tax support

If you are in credit because of an exemption, discount or council tax support; we may use the credit to reduce the balance on your account rather than issue a refund. If we decide to do this you will receive a revised bill with the instalments adjusted accordingly. Please note that credits may also be used to reduce outstanding balances on other council tax accounts in your name.