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2. Benefits of Council Tax e-billing

Reducing our carbon footprint

  • Going paperless is good for the environment as it saves precious resources - including trees, water and energy.
  • The carbon footprint for our paper bills, including paper manufacture, printing, delivery and then disposal of the bill is estimated to be 22.5 tonnes a year (equivalent to driving over 81,000 miles or the annual greenhouse gas emissions of more than three UK residents).   

Saving money

  • Going paperless will save thousands of pounds in printing and postage each year – money that can be spent on other public services instead
  • It costs the Council 71p to print and post each Council Tax bill – with over 95,000 bills sent out last year the savings will soon add up.

Manage your account online

  • It’s easy to register for Council Tax e-billing and then you can then manage your Council Tax account online whenever you need to.
  • Council Tax e-billing is fast, free, reliable and secure