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Planning applications March 2015

Planning applications April 2015

Planning applications May 2015

Weekly list for planning applications 2015

Weekly List 14.07.15

Weekly List ending 01 09 2015

Weekly List ending 08 09 15

Weekly List ending 16 09 2015

Weekly List 22 September 2015

Weekly List 29 September 2015

Planning Weekly List October 2015

Weekly List November 2015

Weekly List December 2015

Weekly List January 2016

Weekly List February 2016

Weekly List March 2016

Weekly List April 2016

Weekly List May 2016

How to create your own weekly list

New pre-application fees 01 09 16

Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Addendum (RBBC-DMP-010)

North Area Updated Policy Map

Central Area Updated Policies Map

South Area Updated Policies Map

Banstead Inset Updated Policies Map

Reigate Inset Updated Policies Map

Redhill Inset Updated Policies Map

Horley Inset Updated Policies Map

1. G11 MM22 Inset Map

2. G12 MM22 Inset Map

4. NWH1 (MM39) Inset Map

5. SEH4 (MM41) Inset Map

6. RED9 (MM28)

7. MLS2 (MM44) Inset Map

Response Form

Traveller Site Land Availability Assessment

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Development Management Plan (Regulation 19) Strategic Housing Market Assessment Addendum: Non-traveller mobile homes and caravans – background paper (December 2017)

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Marketfield Way 'meet the buyer' leaflet

Marketfield Way development newsletter - Issue 12 August 2021

Panel Areas Map

Local Validation Lists

Download: Marketfield Way development newsletter - Issue 6 November 2022

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