Data Transparency

Local Government Transparency Code Data

We are committed to being open and transparent about how we work, our decision-making processes and the services provided. As part of this commitment we publish the following relevant data to increase democratic accountability and to comply with the requirements of the Local Government Transparency Code 2014.

Trade Union Facility Time

The Council is required to provide sufficient time off (Facility time) for employees who are also  union representatives, to undertake a number of roles such as representing their members in disciplinary and grievance cases, engaging in formal consultations on restructuring and redundancy proposals, and undertaking negotiations as part of the Council's local collective bargaining arrangements. 

Union representatives in services also play an important role in resolving issues between their members and management at an informal level, which is important to the organisation as issues are resolved before the need for formal procedures.
The amount of facility time taken by union representatives is collated annually.

Top Levels of Management

The chart provides the payment terms of senior staff in the top levels of the Council. This includes the grade, job title, contract type, salary to the nearest £5,000 bracket (inclusive of any salary enhancements) and salary maximum of the grade. The data is correct as at 1 April and is published annually.

Pay Policy Statement

The statement sets out the Council’s approach to pay, as well as demonstrating the ratio between the highest paid salary and the mean average salary of the Council workforce (Pay multiple). 

Gender Pay Gap

We are required to annually publish information about our gender pay gap at 31 March each year; you can download the 31 March 2017 data below.  We are analysing the data behind these figures and will be producing further information explaining the findings.