Search by postcode or address to see maps and find out about things like your bin collection day, tree preservation orders and find your nearest facilities.

Our interactive online information service, Where I Live, uses maps and other data to provide a wealth of information about your area.

The service can be tailored to a property by typing in a postcode or any part of an address.

There are three main features within Where I Live, My house, My nearest and My maps. Each of these can be accessed using the tabs at the top-left of the pages:

  • My house: find out about your bin collection day, ward councillor, council tax, planning, tree preservation orders, and other information about your property, with links to other pages.
  • My nearest: an expandable, themed list of information and their distance from your selected address, with links to view the results on My maps or link to appropriate external websites.
  • My maps: view local features on a map of Reigate & Banstead. Toggle between different basemaps to see the district in different ways. Switch on themed map layers to reveal features on the map, with links on map symbols to show more information.

Where I Live is continually updated with information from our databases and some external data feeds. While every effort is made to ensure that the data displayed is accurate and up to date, errors can and do occur.

Please email any errors, comments or suggestions to