Advice about allotments and how to get started.

Number of allotments available in the borough

  • We currently have 24 allotment sites across the borough with over one thousand plots
  • Allotments are provided as full or half plots
  • A full plot is 250 square metres and a half plot is 125 square metres
  • Map showing allotment locations (Google maps).

Plot availability

There are plots available at some sites and a waiting list at others. There are plots available immediately at the following sites:

  • Riding School, Prices Lane
  • Maple Road, Earlswood
  • New Pond Farm, Woodhatch Road

To check availability please contact the Greenspaces team on for more information:

  • You can add your name to the waiting list by completing our online application form
  • You may put your name on the list for more than one site and we suggest that you choose a site near to where you live.

The cost of hiring an allotment

  • All new tenants pay a £50.00 deposit at the start of tenancy. This is refundable at the end of tenancy subject to satisfactory inspection of plot condition
  • The charges for 2019 are £88.00 for a full plot (250 sqm) and £44.00 for a half plot (125 sqm)
  • The charges for 2020 will be £90.00 for a full plot and £45.00 for a half plot
  • Odd sized plots are charged per square metre.
  • Fees are invoiced annually in December for the following year and payment must be received by 1 January.

Getting started

Allocation of plots

When you have reached the top of the waiting list for your chosen site we will contact you by telephone and give details of the site steward who you arrange to meet on site to view the plot. The process and timescales for setting up a tenancy is as follows:

  • Complete and submit a formal application for a specific plot
  • Council prepares tenancy documentation for signature, information pack and invoice
  • Council inspects and mows plot
  • Propspective tenant signs tenancy agreement and sends this back to the council
  • Propsective tenant collects key from site steward
  • This process can take up to a fortnight depending on how quickly documentation is returned

Once an agreement has been signed and returned to the Council, cultivation can start.

Sheds & Greenhouses

At most sites, subject to certain conditions and with written permission from the council, tenants are allowed to erect a shed and/or a greenhouse on their plot. Sheds can be no larger than 6'x4' and greenhouses no larger than 6' x 8'. Greenhouses must be polycarbonate glazed

Site security

All sites have gates that are locked with padlock and chain. All tenants are issued with a key. 

Site management


All sites are managed by staff employed by Reigate & Banstead Borough Council. The council also appoints a volunteer steward for most sites.


Three inspections a year are carried out to ensure that plots are being cultivated appropriately. A maximum of three letters will be sent to plot holders in the event of non cultivation.

In the event that this has not resolved the issue the tenancy will cease and the plot will revert to the Council.

Details about sites and their location


  • All sites have shared taps located around the site and some taps also have water tanks
  • The water is turned off during winter to prevent frozen or burst pipes - it is normally turned back on in April each year.
  • Tenants can provide water storage containers on their plot

Sites with plots for tenants with disabilities

Wiggie Lane & Batts Hill allotment sites have a plot designed for plot holders with a disability.


Most sites have a parking area - cars should not be parked on plots or paths except when making a delivery.


On some sites manure is available by arrangement with fellow plot holders or the steward.


Subject to agreement with the council and certain conditions plot holders can keep chickens and bees.

Location of sites


  • Holly Lane Allotments, Banstead
  • Lambert Road Allotments, Banstead
  • Parsonfield Road Allotments, Banstead
  • Partridge Mead Allotments, Bridgefield Close, Banstead
  • Tattenham Way Allotments, Banstead. 


  • Brambletye Park Road, Earlswood
  • Maple Road Allotments, Earlswood
  • Princes Road Allotments, Earlswood.   

Lower Kingswood

  • Smithy Lane Allotments, Lower Kingswood.


  • Merstham Allotments, Weldon Way, Merstham.

Redhill area

  • Batts Hill Allotments, Redhill
  • Brambletye Park Road Allotments, Redhill
  • Colesmead Allotments, Gatton Park Road, Redhill
  • Highlands Allotments, Hatchlands Rd, Redhill
  • Redstone Hill Allotments, Nutfield Rd, Redhill
  • Wiggie Lane Allotments, Redhill.   

Reigate area

  • New Pond Farm Allotments, Woodhatch Road
  • Park Lane Allotments, Park Lane, Reigate
  • Park Lane Extension, Park Lane, Reigate
  • Park Lane East Allotments, South Park
  • Riding School Allotments, Prices Lane, Woodhatch
  • The Paddock, Woodhatch Road


  • Merland Rise Allotments, Tadworth. 


  • Lakers Rise Allotments, Woodmansterne
  • The Park Allotments, Carshalton Road, Woodmansterne. 


Greenspaces team email: