Published Tuesday, 21st June 2016

Voters in Reigate & Banstead who are intending to vote at a polling station on Thursday 23 June are being advised to plan when and where they will cast their vote on polling day. 

Recent research carried out for the Electoral Commission found that 35% of voters hadn’t yet planned what time they would be voting and the Commission is recommending that everyone makes sure they plan when to vote so they don’t miss out on the day. 

There are 58 polling stations in Reigate & Banstead and all polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm. Voters who arrive at a polling station after 10pm will not be allowed to cast their vote, although any voter who arrives at the polling station before 10pm and is in a queue will still be able to vote.

The Commission also found that the most popular time for voting was between 5pm and 8pm with 19% of respondents planning to vote at this time, while a further 29% planned to vote before mid-day.

Plan ahead

John Jory, Counting Officer for Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, is encouraging local residents to:

  • Plan what time you will cast your vote at the polling station, leaving plenty of time before the 10pm deadline as anyone that arrives after 10pm, by law, will not be able to vote.
  • Read and bring your poll card which should have come through the door. It says where your polling station is. It’s not compulsory to bring your polling card in order to vote, but it will speed up the process in the polling station.
  • If voting by post, make sure that you sendyour postal ballot back in plenty of time as postal votes that arrive after 10pm on June 23 will not be counted. If you forget to send your postal ballot back then they can hand it in at any polling station in your council area on polling day
  • Mark your ballot paper with one ‘X’ only in the box beside the option you want.

Polling station finder

John Jory, Counting Officer for Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, said: “I encourage Reigate and Banstead residents to take a few minutes to plan what time they will arrive at the polling station on 23 June. Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm and the busiest time is usually in the late afternoon – when parents come with their children after school - and early evening when people come to vote after work. Voters who can be flexible, may want to avoid the peak times.” 

"Residents should have received a poll card with details of where their polling station is. If anyone has misplaced their poll card, or is unsure where their polling station is, use the polling station finder on the EU Referendum page of our website or contact our Elections Helpline on 01737 276794 for further information.”  

Further information on how to vote is available on the Electoral Commission’s website at: or on 0800 3280 280.

The Electoral Commission research was undertaken by YouGov using a sample of 2,146 eligible voters across the UK.