Published Tuesday, 12th March 2024

Local organisations, businesses and residents join forces to address crime and anti-social behaviour in Redhill town centre.

Funding secured by Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, Surrey Police and Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner is bringing together local organisations, businesses and residents to address crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the town centre and take pride in Redhill.

The successful bid secured £265k of the government’s Safer Streets fund to pay for a range of measures, including:

  • practical improvements in the town centre which are being informed by research with local residents
  • targeted youth outreach work by YMCA East Surrey, and two-thirds of the cost of their new youth bus
  • ASB training for council officers and other community partners, such as Street Pastors
  • targeted police and council activity to address specific areas and behaviours that are of concern to residents.

Working together for a safer Redhill

Businesses and resident organisations are getting involved and many attended a stakeholder event to kick start the programme at the end of November last year. Over the next few months, they will continue to help develop the programme further, including ways of reducing crime and promoting responsible behaviour, such as reporting ASB.

Cllr Richard Biggs, Leader of Reigate & Banstead Borough Council said: “Redhill has a thriving town centre and is home to many fantastic local businesses. New developments, such as The Rise, which includes The Light cinema and entertainment venue, are transforming the town centre and attracting more visitors from further afield. We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the many great things Redhill has to offer safely and responsibly.

“We understand there are some concerns about antisocial behaviour in particular areas of the town centre and that certain measures, such as both public and private CCTV or lighting, can help people feel safer. We are committed to working with local residents, businesses and other partners, including the police and YMCA East Surrey, to help us tackle this more effectively.”

A second local stakeholder event is planned for the end of May.

Building more resilient communities

This work will be part of a wider community approach to improving safety in Redhill. Police, partners and the community have come together to adopt the College of Policing’s ‘Clear, Hold, Build’ framework to reduce the harm caused by crime in the town.

This is a three-phased approach designed to tackle ASB and crime in Redhill. Targeted disruptions aim to ‘clear’ offenders from Redhill, followed by sustained intervention to ‘hold’ the area free from crime. The ‘build’ phase will focus on preventative work, driven by the community, to address the root causes of ASB and crime in the town. Much of the Safer Streets funding will support the ongoing preventative work.

Reigate & Banstead Borough Commander Inspector Jon Vale said: “This a long-term commitment aimed at uniting the community to reduce crime in Redhill. Over the past several months, collaborative efforts with partners have resulted in a comprehensive plan that seeks to address some of the issues residents have highlighted in Redhill and help everyone feel safer in our town centre. As part of this initiative, you will be seeing an increase in targeted police activity in Redhill. For instance, in certain areas of the town and during specific times of the week, offences like anti-social behaviour and shoplifting are more likely to occur. By addressing these behaviours with partners, we aim to prevent the escalation of these issues into more serious and organised crimes.

“To achieve lasting results in crime reduction, we are working closely with Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, the YMCA East Surrey, and other partners to implement long-term measures, such as the youth bus. I’d really encourage those living and visiting Redhill to join forces with us and report any concerns you may have.”

Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Lisa Townsend also contributed £58k from her Community Safety Fund to support reducing crime in Redhill. The hotspot funding is directed through her office.

The Commissioner said: “I’m delighted to be able to support this fantastic initiative.

“The Clear, Hold, Build framework relies on proactive policing to secure crime hotspots and work in partnership with communities to keep the area safe.

“Redhill sits beside two major roads, the M25 and the M23, and has strong public transport links. Organised criminal groups can exploit these travel connections, bringing with them drugs and other criminal activities. Once police clear locations of criminals, schemes that will make these areas safer will ensure this has a sustained positive impact.

“Surrey remains the fourth safest county in England and Wales. We are determined to ensure that Surrey continues to be a safe home to all residents in the future and this long-term initiative, supported by the hotspot and Safer Streets funding, allows us to protect this legacy.”

Supporting young people with new Y Bus

YMCA East Surrey’s new Y bus will take youth workers into the heart of local communities to build positive relationships with young people. The bus provides a focal point for activities, as well as information, advice and guidance on issues such as staying safe, peer pressure and mental wellbeing.

Safer Streets has contributed two-thirds towards the cost of the bus and will pay for YMCA-led youth outreach sessions four times a week in the areas where young people are likely to hang out.

The YMCA East Surrey’s Chief Executive Officer, Ian Burks, said: “The Safer Streets funding for the Y Bus and youth outreach work is essential in providing a safe and accessible space for young people to engage with experienced youth workers, access support services, and develop a sense of pride and purpose in their community. This investment not only helps to prevent anti-social behaviour, but also empowers young people to make positive choices and build a better future for themselves. It’s a great partnership project with matched funding coming from local people who have raised money for the bus by taking part in YMCA Challenge events during 2023."

The finishing touches to the Y bus, including colourful branding for the outside, will be completed over the next few weeks in time for it to make its first stop in Redhill on Thursday 11 April. Everyone is welcome to drop by to take a look at the bus and meet the YMCA East Surrey team.

YMCA East Surrey’s Street Talk programme is already underway, with sessions held Tuesday to Friday evenings. Young people themselves will be helping to shape the activities on offer through the sessions, as well as the wide work of the Safer Redhill programme.

First look at YMCA East Surrey's Y bus

Left to right: Ian Burks, CEO, YMCA East Surrey, Stuart Kingsley Family Services and Youth Work Manager, YMCA East Surrey, Cllr James Baker, Deputy Mayor, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, Cllr Richard Biggs, Leader, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

Information and updates on Safer Redhill activity will be available at