Published Wednesday, 14th February 2024

The Harlequin Theatre & Cinema building remains closed due to the extensive presence of RAAC.

We are working with the holder of the headlease of the building to reach a resolution, but the reality is we anticipate the theatre will be closed for some time.

In the interim, we are pleased to confirm the Council’s commitment to continue to provide access to the arts, opportunities to engage in cultural activities, and to maintain a continuity of service.

Work is underway to determine what this could and will look like including maintaining residence at The Harlequin Pop-Up in The Belfry, exploring sharing space at alternative local venues and potentially expanding The Harlequin Outdoors offer during the summer months.

Cllr Richard Biggs, Leader of the Council, says: “We are very grateful for the support and patience we’ve received on this journey so far – from our loyal customers, community partners and production companies.

“It has been a challenge but the success of the Big Top panto is testament to what can be achieved and I’m excited about the new opportunities. I’d like to encourage you all to continue to support The Harlequin and come along to future activities and events.”

More details about these plans will be available in due course and please visit The Harlequin website to learn about the activities and events as they are confirmed.