Published Monday, 11th March 2019

A six-week public consultation on proposed changes to the Council’s Development Management Plan (DMP) is underway.

The updates reflect initial advice from the government-appointed planning inspector who led the public examination into the plan last autumn. Her advice detailed the key changes, known as ‘main modifications’ that are needed to make the plan robust, deliverable and consistent with national policy so that it can be found ‘sound’.

The DMP sets out where in the borough future development should go, the planning policies to guide what development looks like and how we should protect the character of the borough and its heritage.

Views on Inspector’s modifications

Cllr Keith Foreman, Executive Member for Planning Policy, said: “This consultation is an opportunity for people to give their views on the Inspector’s proposed modifications to our DMP, so the scope of it is very specific.

“We are pleased that the changes that the Inspector is seeking are very limited, which indicates that our plan will deliver the housing, jobs and infrastructure the borough needs, while protecting its character and what people love about living here.

“To find out more and take part in the consultation, visit”

The deadline for comments is 5pm on Thursday 18 April. Residents without internet access can see the documents at the Town Hall and local libraries and printed response forms will be available.

Anyone who has commented in earlier consultations on the plan will be contacted about this latest consultation.

The responses will be sent to the Planning Inspector for consideration before she issues her final report on the plan. If the report concludes that the DMP is ‘sound’, the Council can formally adopt it, once it has made the modifications required.

More information

For more information and to take part in the consultation see the Development Management Plan page.