Published Thursday, 2nd November 2017

At its meeting on 9 November 2017, the Executive is to consider the next stage of the Council’s Local Plan for consultation and submission to the Secretary of State.

It follows the first stage of consultation last year.

The Development Management Plan (DMP) sets out where in the borough new development, like homes, businesses, shops and facilities should go from now until 2027, and the detailed planning policies to guide what that development looks like.

It also includes policies for protecting the character of the borough and its heritage, and addresses a wide range of important local planning issues. 

The DMP includes:

  • Policies to guide decision making on planning applications – including development design to protect character and quality of life and access and parking on new developments.
  • Policy designations - zones for local green spaces, residential areas of special character, employment areas and local shopping parades.
  • Development sites for housing, shops and employment - including ‘urban extensions’ around the edges of Horley, Redhill, Merstham and Reigate, Horley strategic employment site and ‘safeguarded’ land at Redhill Aerodrome for possible long-term development.  

It implements the Council’s Core Strategy (Part 1 of the plan, adopted in 2014) which sets out the overall scale and location of growth.

If agreed by the Executive, the plan will be referred to Full Council on 14 December to give the go-ahead. The Regulation 19 consultation, expected to take place in the new year, will test the plan. Comments received will be submitted to the Secretary of State, alongside the Council’s plan, to be considered by an independent planning inspector.

Difficult decisions

Cllr Keith Foreman, Executive Member for Planning Policy, said: “The updated DMP that the Executive and Council will be asked to consider represents what we believe to be in the best interests of the borough as a whole taking into account the requirements placed on us by the Government’s push for new housing even in Green Belt areas such as Reigate & Banstead.

“We need to provide new homes and jobs with the right facilities, services and infrastructure needed to support them for our residents - and their future generations.

“We are required by the Government to have a plan that says where new houses and other development should go, and that means we need to make some difficult decisions about how to balance this with protecting the character of the borough and quality of life that our residents value.

“Being plan-led gives us more control about where development goes to make sure it is appropriate, sustainable and secures the infrastructure needed to support it, rather than plans being decided by appeal.

“The plan is based on a huge amount of evidence and technical studies, takes account of the views of residents, businesses and service providers submitted through our last round of consultation and is aligned with national planning policy.

“If the recommendations are agreed, we will be promoting the consultation in the new year so that residents and other interested parties can get involved and put forward their views to the Inspector.”

‘Safeguarded’ land would only be allocated for development in the next local plan review if compelling evidence demonstrates that further housing was not needed or deliverable (for example if the required access or support from Tandridge District Council is not secured). In the meantime it will continue to be treated as though it were Green Belt and if not needed can be returned to the Green Belt in the future. 


The DMP Regulation 18 consultation took place between August and October 2016 and received over 1,000 responses.

Anyone who commented as part of the last consultation or who has previously registered with the Council to be kept up to date about planning policy matters will be contacted directly as part of the latest consultation. 

Residents can pre-register their interest online, by emailing or writing to the Planning Policy Team at the Town Hall, Castlefield Road, Reigate RH2 0SH.

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