Published Tuesday, 10th October 2017

The police and officers from Reigate & Banstead Borough Council have new powers to tackle anti-social behaviour in Redhill town centre.

A new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) came into force on Tuesday 10 October and follows feedback from residents and businesses about addressing anti-social behaviour.

PSPOs give local councils and police additional powers to tackle anti-social behaviour in specific locations to regulate activities that negatively affect the local community. Distinctive blue and white signs have been installed in Redhill town centre indicating some of the locations included and listing the behaviours covered by the order.

Targetted resources

“It is important that all our town centres are safe and welcoming places for shoppers, residents, businesses and workers. The new PSPO enables us and the police to target resources and deal swiftly with specific behaviours in the town centre, keeping Redhill a pleasant place to shop and work,” says Councillor Graham Knight, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council’s Executive Member for Community Safety.

He continues: “Anti-social behaviour – such as harassing or intimidating members of the public, being verbally abusive or urinating in a public open space – is detrimental to the life of the community. Local people have raised concerns about increasing levels of anti-social behaviour and our public consultation about the proposed PSPO earlier this year showed there was considerable support from across the community.”

Reigate and Banstead Borough Inspector Angie Austin says: “We won’t tolerate anti-social behaviour in the town centre which is why we’ve worked with the council to put these new measures in place.  The introduction of the PSPO sends out a clear message that if you misbehave you will be dealt with and failure to comply with any instruction could result in a fine or prosecution.”

The order covers the town centre shopping area including the Belfry, Station Road, Marketfield Way car park, as well as Princess Way and Memorial Park. Maps showing the area covered are on display in key locations in Redhill and a copy is available on the council’s website.

Public feedback

The order gives police community support officers and relevant council officers the power to instruct individuals carrying out any of the behaviours covered by the order to stop and, if necessary, to leave the area covered by the order. Failure to comply with the instruction could result in a fine or prosecution.

The council carried out a consultation in the summer asking people for their views about the proposed order.  Over 230 local businesses and residents took part, overwhelmingly supporting the proposal. The final order takes into account community feedback, including some changes to the wording to clarify the types of behaviour covered.

Police presence was increased in the town centre in response to previous concerns about anti-social behaviour and council officers also regularly patrol the area.  You can report anti-social behaviour on the council’s website. In an emergency, call 999.