Published Tuesday, 21st March 2017

A man was fined £1,000 plus £818 costs by Redhill Magistrates’ Court following a littering offence in Reigate High Street.

Zoran Petrov of 32 High Street, Reigate was initially given a fixed penalty notice for £50 by Reigate & Banstead Borough Council when he discarded a bag of rubbish outside his shop in the high street. However, when he did not pay the penalty notice or respond to subsequent letters from Reigate & Banstead, the council began criminal proceedings against him.

“The Magistrate clearly will not tolerate people who ignore our notices. Littering is anti-social behaviour and is wholly unacceptable in our borough. The council’s original penalty to Mr Petrov was £50 so while we did not impose the fine of £1,000, we appreciate the importance that the court has given the offence,” says Cllr James Durrant, the Executive Member for Enforcement. “This sends a message to people who litter, fly tip, graffiti or allow their dogs to foul, that we are prepared to take action against environmental crimes and that the courts take them seriously.” 

Mr Petrov was initially fined after a member of Reigate & Banstead Borough Council’s Joint Enforcement Team found a bag of rubbish nearby his shop. When asked, Mr Petrov admitted the rubbish was from his premises and the officer sent him a fixed penalty notice of £50. As the penalty notice was not paid, the council sent Mr Petrov reminders to give him the opportunity to settle the matter, all of which he ignored, before taking the case to court. Mr Petrov was not present at the court hearing and did not send a representative.