Information on walking

1. Banstead and Nork circular walk

This page provides information about Banstead and Nork circular walk, one of the Council's special Millennnium Trails walks.

This walk begins at Banstead Downs. It is the most urban of all the circular walks and includes crossing some very busy roads.

However, you'll find lots to see as you stroll through some of the best countryside in the area. You can reach the starting point by train from Banstead Station or by bus to Sutton Lane.

Banstead Downs is home to a wide range of plants, creating a carpet of colour during spring and summer.

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Orchids and butterflies

Amongst the most spectacular is the pyramidal orchid. With this abundance of wild flowers, butterflies flourish, look out for the Common Blue.

Foxes are a common sight, hunting by day and night and feeding on worms, beetles and rabbits. Also watch out for hunting dragonflies, as they patrol the paths hunting for other insects.

Continuing into Banstead Village, you will see an old well head built in the 1800's, it covers a 300 foot deep well that has been in existence since medieval times.

The laughing woodpecker

As you walk along the edge of Ruffett Wood keep an eye out for woodland birds. Perhaps you'll hear the laughing call of the green woodpecker known as a yaffle or the beautiful yellow and red of the goldfinch.

Woodland edges provide favourite hunting grounds for sparrow hawks, if you're lucky you may see one chasing a long tailed tit through the trees.

Pages Acre is carpeted with bluebells, wood anemone and other woodland flora, indicating this was once part of the ancient forests that covered most of lowland Britain.

Great views

Nork Park, with its picnic area, may provide a welcome resting point and there are great views from here. In fact on a clear day you may be lucky enough to see Windsor Castle.

On your return to Banstead Downs from the East, you pass juniper and blackthorn bushes. The fruit from both can be used to make gin.

Blackthorn shows its white flowers in early spring, usually before the hawthorn. Both trees are common in hedgerows throughout this walk. With easy access from town, this wonderful walk really is countryside on your doorstep.