I am in prison / being released from prison, what are my housing options?

There are various housing options available to you if you are in prison/being released from prison. 

Please click on the PDF for in-depth information. It also offers financial advice and employment advice.

I am in prison / being released from prison, what are my housing options PDF

In prison / on remand

You may still be able to keep your rented property through the following methods:

  • Ensuring your rent is paid on time
  • Ensuring your property is being looked after whilst you’re away
  • Informing utility providers (gas/water/electric) that you will be away
  • Keeping your belongings in your property

Under eviction

  • You should speak to your Prison Resettlement Officer as soon as possible. You can also contact the Council for further advice

On release

  • If you are referred to a probation hostel, you must ensure you adhere to the licence agreement and use your time thee to explore permanent housing options
  • If you will be homeless when you are released, you must seek help from your Prison Resettlement Officer immediately. You can also get advice on your options from the Council.

Housing options that may be available to you:

  • Staying with family / friends
  • Privately renting
  • Supported housing (Housing for people with specialist needs)
  • Applying for the Housing Register
  • Hostels
  •  East Surry Outreach Service (eSOS) (offers support to people rough sleeping/at risk of rough sleeping)