I'm struggling with my money, can I get any help?

See the download below for a brief guide to where you can get free financial advice and support, plus a few tips on saving money to help you along the way:

'I'm struggling with my money, can I get any help?' (PDF)

What can I do?

  • Don't ignore the problem! It will only make your situation worse
  • Seek free financial advice
  • Contact your local Citizens Advice to check if you may be entitled to some benefits to increase your income
  • Try to generate your income by reducing your non-essential spending and shopping smarter (see PDF for detailed examples)

What should I avoid?

  • Approaching payday lenders
  • Approaching loan companies

Borrowing money from the bank or friends/family may be a safer and securer option for you. Seek financial advice if you cannot find any other options for financial assistance.