I am struggling to keep up with my mortgage payments

If you are having difficulty paying your mortgage, do not ignore it. This will only make the situation worse. Try to avoid approaching companies that offer loans or offer to sell your house for you; it's likely you will be faced with more financial difficulty in the future by taking these routes. 

For detailed advice, options and useful contact details of support agencies please see PDF below:

"I am struggling to keep up with my mortgage payments" (PDF)

What can I do

  • Contact your mortgage lender. Mortgage companies often have procedures in place to help people in similar situations, such as temporary payment arrangements, lengthening the term of your mortgage or temporarily switching to interest-only payments
  • Request an extension to your mortgage period
  • Make a personal budget

I have mortgage arrears

  • Use your personal budget to help you pay towards your arrears
  • Have the arrears added to your mortgage, although this will increase your monthly mortgage payments