We have produced a range of advice leaflets for the public and for businesses. You can download these leaflets below.

You can read about

  • making representations and objections to licence applications
  • children and alcohol
  • licensees' responsibilities
  • qualifying clubs
  • temporary events
  • late night refreshments
  • requesting a review of a premises licence or club premises certificate.

Representations, objections and reviews

This leaflet gives guidance on who can object to licence applications or request a review of a Premises Licence once it has been granted.

Children and alcohol

Download our Children and alcohol information leaflet (PDF) about how new laws affect children and alcohol.

This leaflet gives guidance on the requirements under the Licensing Act 2003 relating to children and addresses issues such as

  • when children are allowed on licensed premises
  • what the rules are on selling alcohol
  • buying alcohol for under 18s.

Licensable activities

This leaflet gives advice on what is a licensable activity under the Licensing Act. Broadly it falls into three parts

  • the sale or supply of alcohol
  • the provision of entertainment
  • the provision of late night refreshment
  • any combination of the above.


Licensees' responsibilities

This leaflet gives guidance on the duties of Premises Licence holders and clubs operating under a Club Premises Certificate or people who have served a Temporary Event Notice on the Licensing Authority.

Qualifying clubs

This leaflet provides information on licensing laws as they apply to sports, social and other types of club.

Temporary events

Download our information sheet about how new laws affect the licensing of temporary events.

It provides advice on

  • licensing of temporary events
  • how many temporary events you can have
  • temporary events notices
  • and much more

See our Temporary Event Notices page.

Late night refreshments

This leaflet gives advice on when a licence is needed for the provision of late night refreshment as defined by the Licensing Act 2003