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3. Transfer of a premise licence

The form on this page can be used to change the premises licence holder and must be completed by the proposed NEW licence holder and NOT the current licence holder.

Please note that if more than 28 days has lapsed since the licence holder has become insolvent, incapacitated or has died then a new premise application will be required to be made to the Licensing Authority.

Important Information 

Before making your application using our online form  please note the following:  

  • Please ensure you have a credit or debit card available to pay the correct fee.  
  • Please ensure you have the premise licence number to hand.
  • Know the current premise licence holder's name.
  • Know if you hold the licence currently under an Interim Authority Notice. 
  • A copy of your application and consent form will be sent onto the Police by the Council.

Consent to transfer

Please download and ensure the current licence holder completes the consent to transfer form in full. You will need to have obtained this fully completed form before starting your online application in the section below and a copy of this form will need to be electronically uploaded when you make your application.

Consent to transfer form (Word)

Apply to transfer a licence 

Before you make your online application you must have obtained a completed and signed consent to transfer form (see above). You must upload this consent form as part of your application when prompted (Upload Files Screen). Your application will not be processed if the consent to transfer form has not been provided. 

Transfer a licence online form