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6. Land Assembly/CPO

On the 23 February 2018, the Council made the Reigate and Banstead Borough Council (Marketfield Way) Compulsory Purchase Order 2018 for the purposes of facilitating the development, redevelopment, and improvement of the land. The Order and the accompanying Map can be viewed below. Copies of the Council's Statement of Reasons for making the Order and the documentation referred to in the same can also be viewed.

The confirmation of the Compulsory Purchase Order was considered at a public inquiry on 2-4 October 2018. The Council’s Statement of Case and Proofs of Evidence as part of this process, copies of which can be viewed below.

The Reigate and Banstead (Marketfield Way) Compulsory Purchase Order 2018 was confirmed without modification by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government on 28 January 2019. Copies of the Order and Order Map as confirmed by the Secretary of State can be seen below. A copy of the Notice of Confirmation can also be seen below.

The Council executed a General Vesting Declaration and Plan relating to the land and rights specified in the Compulsory Purchase Order on 12th September 2019. The land and rights specified in the Declaration vested in the Council on 23 December 2019. Copies of the General Vesting Declaration and Plan can be viewed below.

General Vesting Declaration

Notice of confirmation 

Acquiring Authority's Core Documents

Acquiring Authority's Proofs of Evidence

Proof of Evidence of:

Acquiring Authority's Rebuttal Proofs of Evidence

Compulsory Purchase Order February 2018