Certificate of Existence

A Certificate of Existence (also called a Proof of Life, Certificate of Life or Letter of Existence) is a certificate produced by a trusted entity to confirm that an individual is still alive.

Governments, pension and insurance companies may request this in order to continue to pay individuals.

To enable us to confirm your existence please read the terms and conditions below. 

Terms & Conditions for Confirmation of Existence

1. You must appear in person.  

2. If you require us to confirm your partner/spouse is alive, they must appear in person and must provide a valid ID such as a passport.

3. Please prefill the application with your details so we can validate your form, including your marital status.

4. A valid passport or photographic evidence must be provided which matches the name on the confirmation of existence form.

5. Your name must appear on the electoral register and match with the name and address contained on the confirmation of existence form.

6. The confirmation of existence form you wish us to sign must contain an English translation.

7. If any of the above is not provided, we will be unable to confirm your existence and other arrangements will need to be made.  

8. The service is by appointment only. We regret we may be unable to see you if you are later than the appointed time.

We will then be able to sign and stamp your document and add a qualifying label. 

We are able to offer this service Monday to Friday from 9.00am-10am please call the number below to book an appointment. Our Customer Contact Centre is open from 10am to 4pm, Monday - Friday, 01737 276000.