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Pre-application planning advice

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4. After submitting your request

If the request for advice is complete it will be allocated to a case officer who will respond in writing or, in the case of a meeting request, contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet. After the meeting a formal written response will be sent.

Meetings will be arranged for up to one, or between one and three hours, according to what has been agreed. Due to other work commitments, we regret that it will not be possible to extend the meeting beyond the agreed time, nor will it be possible to discuss development proposals other than the one for which the meeting has been arranged.

Before a pre-application advice meeting

To make pre-application meetings as productive as possible, applicants or their agents will be expected to provide sufficient information to describe the proposal, including:

  • An analysis of the character of the area
  • An assessment of the constraints and opportunities of the site

This information will be used as a means of ensuring that a design-led approach is taken in developing an appropriate scheme for the site.

After the meeting

Following the meeting, the officer you met will provide a written summary of the issues discussed and his or her advice on those issues.

What if a subsequent decision does not follow the advice I received?

Pre-application advice is given in good faith and will represent the relevant officer’s professional view. The advice given will be as accurate as possible, however will only be based only on the information provided and presented at any meeting. It is also that of the officer’s personal judgement rather than necessarily that of the Authority. Please be aware that advice given at the pre-application stage does not guarantee any decision on a subsequent application.

We cannot guarantee that you will like the advice you receive. In most cases, it is differences of opinion rather than factual errors that give rise to disagreement, and these can only be resolved through the formal planning process. However, if you feel that something has gone wrong, please explain to the officer involved, as he or she may be able to clarify the situation further.

If you are still dissatisfied with the service provided, it is open to you to make a complaint to the Development Manager.

For further information on the complaints procedure, go to the complaints page.