Reigate Cemetery and burial searches

Reigate Cemetery

Following the Burial Acts of 1852 and 1853 local authority burial boards were created and many typical Victorian cemeteries opened. Among these was Reigate Cemetery, which opened in 1856.

The cemetery is located next to the St. Mary Magdalene Church and Churchyard in Chart Lane, Reigate.

Within the cemetery there are many impressive mausoleum and memorials in a wide variety of styles. The two Victorian buildings, the cemetery chapel and the original public mortuary are now solely used by the grounds maintenance staff.

Although the cemetery has been officially closed and grave rights can no longer be purchased, it is still possible to have burials in existing pre-purchased graves.

The cemetery is permanently open to visitors


Reigate Cemetery Burial Searches

Burial records for both Redstone and Reigate Cemeteries are kept at Redstone Cemetery. We are able to help those tracing their family tree by producing a list of people buried with a particular surname, as well as plans showing where specific graves are located.


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