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4. Banstead Community Centre room hire

There are eight spaces available for hire at the Banstead Community Centre throughout the week, including evenings and weekends. There are rooms accommodating up 50 people. Catering is available and additional equipment can be hired.

On site facilities include:

  • Café - open 9am to 3pm, hot meals served Monday to Friday from 12pm (book by 11am on the day)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • On-site parking
  • Wheelchair access

Rooms available for hire at Banstead Community Centre

New customer bookings will automatically be charged at a private rate. If you would like to apply for the community rate, please speak to the centre team.

Rates stated below are price per hour. Evening rate starts at 5pm.

Room Community day rate Community evening and weekend rate Private day rate Private evening and weekend rate
Whole premise £115ph £130ph £138ph £155ph
The Lambert Room £21ph £22ph £25.20ph £26.40ph
Dining room £24ph £25ph £28.80ph £30ph
Snack bar £10ph £12ph £12ph £14.40ph
Large lounge £22ph £23ph £26.40ph £27.60ph
Small lounge £21ph £22ph £25.20ph £26.40ph
Conservatory £14ph £15ph £16.80ph £18ph
Treatment room £10ph £13ph £12ph £15.60ph
Kitchen £17ph £20ph £20.40ph £24ph
IT room £12ph £15ph £14.50ph £18ph

Equipment hire

Equipment Cost
Projector screen £7.50
Projector £7.50
Flip chart, including pens £7.50

Refreshments charges

With ingredients includes tea/coffee, sugar, milk, biscuits, hot water and crockery.

Without ingredients includes hot water and crockery.


With Ingredients

Without Ingredients
1-10 People £8 £3.25
11-20 People £15 £4.25
21-30 People £21 £5.25
31-40 People £28 £6.25
41-50 People £35 £7.25
51-60 People £41 £8.25
61-70 People £45 £9.25
71-80 People £51 £10.25