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2. Food recycling container

What can go in my green outside food recycling container?

We will collect the large green food recycling container every week.

You are able to use compostable liners or plastic liners/bags in your food recycling caddy. You can also wrap each days food waste in newspaper, if easier, and then put it into the outside bin.

Yes please

  • Raw and cooked meat and fish, including bones, fat and gristle

  • Dairy products including cheese and eggs/eggshells

  • Bread, cake, biscuits and pastries

  • Rice, pasta, beans and pulses

  • Fruit, vegetables, salad and peelings

  • Leftovers and out of date food

  • Uneaten food from your plates and dishes

  • Tea bags/tea leaves and coffee grounds

  • Pet food

  • Newspaper, compostable liners and plastic liners or bags - if used to wrap food waste

No thanks

  • Any other packaging not used as food liners or bags

  • Black refuse sacks

  • Liquids

  • Oil or liquid fat

How do I prevent vermin accessing my food caddy?

Most of the market suppliers use the same design of food caddy, so unfortunately we have limited options when procuring these containers. Our advice for preventing vermin access to food recycling caddies is:

Ensure the food waste is placed in a sealed plastic bag as this prevents leakage and odour and helps our crews decant the contents neatly and efficiency at collection.

Place the caddy handle in the front folded position, so the lid is locked down, as this is the most secure locking position.

Place the caddy on its side inside your paper box as this helps prevent the lid being opened and it also keeps the paper secure in the paper box on breezy days.

Container dimensions

Outdoor container

height - 37 cm

width - 28 cm

depth - 28 cm

green food caddy from www.amazon.co.uk