Electric vehicle charge points

The council currently operates four electric vehicle charging points in the borough, one rapid charger (43 kW) - off Wray Lane near J8 of the M25, two so-called fast chargers (up to 22 kW) - at the main Town Hall carpark in Reigate (2 sockets), and at the Victoria Road carpark in Horley where there is a 22 kW post (2 sockets) also a 7 kW charging post (2 sockets).

Council electric vehicle charge points map

Rapid Charger

The rapid charge point in the borough is capable of charging a typical electric vehicle battery (40 kWh) from flat to around 80 % in 45 minutes, with connectors to fit all of the major electric vehicles in use CHAdeMO (DC 44 kW), CCS (DC44kW) and Type 2 (AC 43 kW).

Rapid charger location

The rapid charger is located in the Wray Lane Car Park at the top of Reigate Hill just off Junction 8 of the M25. At the roundabout of the A217 and the M25 head for Reigate / Merstham but stay in the left-hand lane (Merstham) and follow the parking / Viewpoint signs. For detailed locations please visit the electric charging points map.

  • Unfortunately there is not an accurate post code for the site, but the following latitude and longitude values can be used:
  • 51.256192, -0.192178 or
  • 51°15'22.3"N 0°11'31.8"W
  • The charger is located next to the café and toilets on the site.
  • Parking is free.

Fast Chargers

These will charge a vehicle at up to 22kW depending on the vehicle type. For example a Renault Zoe will charge at 22 kW, while a Nissan Leaf (2018 version or older) will only charge at 7kW. Connection is via a type two connector (the standard for this type of unit) so you will need to have a charging cable (normally supplied with the vehicle) with you.

Fast charger location

Victoria Road Car Park, Victoria Road, Horley, Surrey, RH6 7AS.

  • Open 24 hours, shops, cafés, supermarkets and toilets all within 3 to 5-min walk.
  • Standard parking fees apply. See board in carpark or see the Horley car park page

Main Car Park, Reigate Town Hall, Castlefield Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0SH.

  • Open to valid permit holders and council visitors only Mon - Fri 8:30 to 5pm.
  • Open to the public 5pm to 8:30am (i.e. overnight) weekdays,  and all day Saturday and Sunday
  • Shops, cafés, supermarkets and toilets all within 3 to 5-min walk
  • Parking is free weekdays 5pm to 8:30am
  • Weekends standard parking fees apply. See board in carpark or the Reigate car park page

Using the charge point

To use the charger only a credit / debit card is required along with a mobile phone to call the Charge Your Car (Fast) / SWARCO (Rapid) number displayed on the charger (24 hours).

All of the fast chargers are on the Charge Your Car network (simply download the app to your smartphone).

The rapid charger is on the Swarco E connect network (either pay using webpay using a credit / debit card or download the app to your smartphone).

The current costs (June 2023) to use the chargers are:

  • Rapid: £2.00 PLUS 40p per kWh of electricity or part of.
  • Fast: £0.50 PLUS 40p per kWh of electricity or part of.

Other charge points

For other change points in the area / UK see either of the following external sites: