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1. Redhill resident parking scheme

Application forms

Please see what roads are in the scheme (PDF) to ensure that you are eligible for a residents permit before continuing with an application.

Resident and visitor permits online form

As of 1st April 2021, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council will no longer accept cheques as a payment method for parking permits.

Yellow lines

  • waiting restrictions and double yellow lines are marked in all roads within the Residents Parking Zones
  • double yellow lines are restricted at all times and do not require a timeplate

Parking places

  • parking places will be marked where residents or their visitors need to park (Brighton Road only)
    • signs show the beginning and end of the Residents Parking Zones, vehicles parked in these zones (or in the residents bays in Brighton Road) will need to display a valid parking permit during the restricted hours otherwise the vehicle may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)
  • Lynwood Road is restricted between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday
  • Hillfield Close, Oakwood Close, Redstone Hill, Redstone Manor and Redstone Park are restricted between 10am and 12pm, Monday to Friday
  • Nash Gardens is restricted between 8am and 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday
  • the Shared Use parking bays on Brighton Road, Redhill are restricted between 10am and 2pm, Monday to Saturday
  • the Residents Only parking bays on Brighton Road, Redhill are restricted between 8am and 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday
  • outside these times vehicle can park in the parking bays without a permit

Resident permits

  • to cover administration costs resident permits will cost £80 for the first permit, £100 for the second permit and £130 per permit thereafter
  • eligable residents may apply for permits if there are more vehicles registered to their address than there are available off-street parking places. i.e. If you have 3 vehicles registered to your property and have room on your driveway for 2 vehicles, you would be entitled to only 1 permit
  • a shared drive does not count as a parking space as it is also a means of access. A parking permit can only be used by one vehicle and has the registration number of that vehicle marked on it
  • to re-issue a permit due to the original becoming lost, damaged or the details needing to be changed there is a £5 administration charge
  • please note that if you wish to change the details of your vehicle, or request a replacement you must first contact parking services, either by email or telephone.


Remember you will only need a resident permit if you need to park on the road near your house during the restricted hours shown above.


  • if you have visitors that need to park on the road during the restricted hours, they will need to display a visitors parking permit in their vehicle
  • visitor permits are valid for one day and are sold in books of 10 permits at £20 per book
  • maximum of 120 visitor permits per year will be available to all eligible properties within the Residents Parking Zone, more can be issued if necessary at our discretion

Carer Permits

Carers Permits are permits which are issued to residents whom are both:

  • housebound
  • in need of regular short term visits from carers or community care personnel

The permits cost £10 and are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. The permits are to be kept by the resident when not in use and displayed in the vehicle of the visiting carer or community care personnel during their visit.

Operational Permits

Operational permits are permits which are issued to medical personnel and community care personnel whose employ requires them to visit a resident during the restricted hours of the scheme.

The permits are free of charge and are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. The permit is vehicle specific and must only be displayed in the vehicle for which it was issued.


  • “carer” means a person who looks after another personal who is either elderly, disabled or in ill health and is unable to manage and or cope by themselves without assistance.
  • “community care personnel” means persons who are employed by or who are members of an official carers organisation operating through Surrey County Council or the National Health Service
  • "medical personnel" means doctors, nurses, healthcare and community visitors and other categories of medical personnel operating through Surrey County Council or the National Health Service or private healthcare organisations who make house visits
  • “resident” means a person whose usual place of abode and principal residence is within the resident parking scheme

Loading and deliveries

Any vehicle will be able to park without a permit on a yellow line or in a parking bay and or zone to load and unload or make deliveries.

Blue Badge holders

Blue Badge holders are permitted to park in the roads and or parking bays without a permit.

Permits can also be issued to carers and health visitors that need to park within the area.

Application forms can be found at the top of this page.