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1. Private Hire New Operators

This page is intended for customers that do not currently hold a operators licence with us.

Six stage application process

You will be bound by the terms below, so please ensure you read all the stage names to read and understand the full procedure information before applying.

Stage 1) Read and understand our policy, conditions and regulations concerning private hire licensing.  

We have put extensive information regarding the licensing process, our fees, our policies and condition on our webpages to help our customers. We strongly advise all customers to read and understand our licensing webpages relevant to your application before proceeding to apply for a licence.

Key information is contained within our Private Hire Policy and Conditions Policy (PDF).

Before a licence will be granted you will be asked how you intend to ensure compliance with private hire regulations and be asked to provide further details on how you will be keeping your records eg. suitable book, proprietary software etc. Note the records must not be capable of being overwritten. 

Stage 2) Criminal record checks. 

As part of your online application you may be required to upload a copy of a Basic or Enhanced Disclosure Criminal Records check for all directors or business partners named in the application. You can apply online for the basic disclosure from Disclosure Scotland. If the applicant or anyone else named in the application has already undergone a criminal records check as part of a driver licence application then a basic disclosure will not be required. 

For further information or if you wish to discuss becoming a private hire operator prior to making a formal application you can discuss any questions you may have with a Licensing Officer please email us at [email protected].   

Stage 3) Check you have the required information, documents and means of making payment before commencing your application.  

In stage 4 you will make your online application and payment to us via a webform hosted by a company called Idox.  We recommend you ensure you have the following to hand before starting to make you application.

  1. Means of making an online payment e.g credit or debit card and you have the permission of the card holder to do so.
  2. Evidence of your Right to Work in the United Kingdom e.g Passport, Biometric card etc.
  3. If applicable, Information on any offences or convictions e.g what it was for, when it was, what was the outcome etc.
  4. If you have previousy made any applications to be an Operator with us or another authority you will need to provide the details.
  5. If applicable, electronic copies of any required Basic or Enhanced Disclosure Criminal Records checks in digital form to upload (PDFs or photographs are fine)
  6. If applicable, electronic copies of any Public Liability Insurance only where there is provision of an area avaliable to the public e.g reception area/waiting area etc.
  7. Our guide to making an application guidance document.

To assit you in making your application we have developed a guidance document with handy hints and a walkthrough screen by screen of the online application process. We strongly recommend you familirse yourself with this document prior to making our application in Stage 4. 

Private Hire New Operators Application Advice Document (PDF)

Stage 4) Apply for a new operator licence. 

You can apply for an Operator Licence via the green button below:

Operator's application form

 Stage 5) Attend an interview meeting with a Licensing Officer.

After your application has been reviewed by a Licensing Officer, this can take up to 20 working days from your application submission, you will be invited to attend an interview meeting with a Licensing Officer. 

At this meeting we will dicuss your application and look further into the details of how you will ensure you will meet the Licensing requirements of a Operator Licenced by Reigate & Banstead Borough Council.

Stage 6) Become Licensed.

Once all enquiries have been completed and we are satisfied you are a fit and proper person to hold a licence we will finalise your application. After an administration processing period we will be able to create your licence.  We will then email you  your Licence.  There is no need to call licensing yourself, we will contact you as the administration processing period can vary depending on applicant numbers.