Modern slavery

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  1. 1. What is modern slavery?
  2. 2. Slavery in our borough
  3. 3. You are here: Spot the signs
  4. 4. How to report suspicions
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3. Spot the signs

Here are some signs to look for that may indicate modern slavery:


  • Appear malnourished or unkempt
  • Withdrawn, anxious or agitated
  • Frightened or hesitant to talk, avoid eye contact
  • Signs of physical or psychological abuse
  • Wear the same clothes each day, that may not be suitable for their work.


  • Rarely interact with others
  • Unfamiliar with neighbourhood or the area where they work
  • Seem under the control of others
  • Dropped off/collected from work, perhaps at unusual hours.

Lack of control

  • Few or no personal possessions
  • Not in control of ID documents, money or bank account
  • Not allowed or able to speak for themselves.


  • Dirty, cramped or over-crowded accommodation
  • Living and working at the same place
  • Number of employees at a business compared to fees charged suggests workers won’t be earning minimum wage.