CCTV and community safety

We provide CCTV surveillance in some of our green spaces and car parks where there is little or no surveillance from privately owned CCTV.

We have CCTV in the following locations:

  • Priory Park, Reigate
  • Memorial Park, Redhill
  • Lady Neville Recreation Ground, Banstead
  • Bancroft Road car park, Reigate
  • Clarendon Road multi-storey car parks in Redhill

These cameras, which were upgraded in 2023, record and store images that can be viewed when they are needed.

Modernising our CCTV

The Council reviewed the role of its CCTV system in supporting community safety in response to the Surrey Police ‘Surrey Open Space CCTV Strategy 2017-2022’, which requests local authorities take over responsibility for provision and monitoring of CCTV in the borough.

In December 2020, the Council’s Executive approved proposals to modernise the Council’s CCTV system, which included upgrading cameras in key locations (see above) and decommissioning the remaining cameras and infrastructure.

The decommissioning of CCTV cameras, fixtures and fittings is progressing.

Alternative public realm surveillance

There has been a significant rise in the number of privately-owned CCTV cameras and mobile recording devices, such as smartphones and dashcams in the last 25 years.

Data and insight from Surrey Police tells us that:

  • Many privately-owned CCTV cameras, used to protect private assets, also provide alternative public realm surveillance, particularly in town centres.
  • Most images now used by Surrey Police come from mobile phones, dashcam footage and privately owned CCTV and this is expected to continue.

Further information

CCTV surveillance is one part of our Community Safety work. Find out more about: