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Management Team

Chief Executive, (Vacant) £185-190k

Director of Commercial & Investment, Caroline Waterworth £100-105k

  • Head of Legal & Governance, Joyce Hamilton £75-80k
  • Property Services Manager, Daniel Jones £65-70k

Director of Organisation, (Vacant) £90-100k

  • Head of Corporate Policy, Cath Rose £70-75k
  • Head of Projects & Performance, Doula Pont £70-75k
  • Head of Organisational Development & HR, Kate Brown £70-75k
  • Head of IT, Darren Wray £70-75k
  • Head of Finance, (Pat Main) £80-85k

Director of People Services, Mari Roberts-Wood £105-110k

  • Head of Housing, Richard Robinson £70-75k
  • Head of Revenues Benefits & Fraud, Simon Rosser £70-75k
  • Head of Wellbeing and Intervention, Duane Kirkland £70-75k
  • Head of Community Partnerships, Justine Chatfield £70-75k
  • Head of Communications and Customer Contact, Carys Jones £70-75k

Director of Place Services, Luci Mould £105-110k

  • Head of Planning, Andrew Benson £70-75k
  • Head of Place Delivery, Peter Boarder £70-75k
  • Head of Economic Prosperity, Simon Bland £70-75k
  • Head of Neighbourhood Operations, Morag Williams £70-75k
  • Strategic Head of Neighbourhood Services, Frank Etheridge £90-95k

Additional information and analysis regarding Reigate & Banstead Borough Council’s approach to pay (including our employee to Chief Executive pay ratio), and the salaries of our senior managers can be found on the Data Transparency page

The budget page provides further information on the Council’s financial expenditure on other areas and services in addition to salaries.