Comment on a planning application

To comment on or object to a planning application you can use the planning application search facility link below.

  • Once you have searched for the application click on the comments tab to make your comment.

Guidance on using Planning application search

There is more guidance on how to use the planning application search available on the Planning Application Search page.

Comments are open to public viewing

You should be aware that the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985 allows anyone the right to examine the received copies of your representations. Your comment will therefore be open to public viewing. When correspondence is made available for viewing through our website personal telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures will not be published.   

In considering an application the Council has a statutory duty to have regard to the planning policies it has adopted, set out in the Borough Local Plan 2005, the National Planning Policy Framework and any ‘material considerations’.  What constitutes a material consideration is set out in the Planning Portal website link below.