Did you know that the average CO2 emissions from travel in Reigate & Banstead for 2019 was 2.26 tonnes per person, which was more than the English average of 1.85 tonnes per person? (Source Gov.uk)

Personal vehicles

Where possible, reducing personal car use is a great way to reduce emissions and improve local air quality.

There are lots of ways to reduce car journeys, such as car sharing, public transport and active transport (see below for more on this). If you need a car, then switching to electric is a more environmentally friendly choice.

Car clubs and car sharing

Car clubs offer an alternative to car ownership, providing access to vehicles on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Surrey County Council has lots of information on Car Clubs in Surrey, including a discount offer on the Enterprise Car Club for Surrey residents. Other options include:

Electric vehicle charging

We currently have 15 electric vehicle charging points across the Borough, and seven of these are available to the public. These can be found at:

We are working to increase this number across the borough, both at Council-owned car parks and, through our work with Surrey County Council, at on-street locations.

You can find the Council chargers as well as others available to the public at Zap Map.

Active travel

Travelling around Reigate & Banstead on foot or by bike (or other non-motorised forms of transport) is good for your health as well as the environment. For more information, check the active travel information on the My Health page.