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2. Report an abandoned vehicle

To report an abandoned vehicle use our online form.

Report an abandoned vehicle online

What happens next?

  • The details of the vehicle will be passed to the investigating officer. They will inspect the vehicle and assess whether or not it is abandoned, and in some circumstances arrange for its removal. Vehicles will be visited, photographed and have a removal notice attached if appropriate.
  • Vehicles of limited monetary value will be removed after expiry of the notice.
  • Attempts will be made, via the DVLA to trace the owners of vehicles that have a reasonable value. If these attempts are unsuccessful the vehicle may be removed. 

Abandoned vehicles on private land

Where a vehicle is abandoned on private land a decision as to the appropriate course of action will be made, based upon the specific circumstances in which the vehicle is found.

Abandoned vehicles on Housing Trust land

Vehicles abandoned in Raven Housing Trust car parks and garage areas should be reported to the Housing Trust on 0300 123 3399 or on the Raven Housing Trust website.