Enforcement Agents

After the issue of a Notice to Owner, a Charge Certificate and an Order for Recovery, if the debt is still not paid, a Warrant of Control will be granted and we will pass the debt to an Enforcement Agent company. At this point the penalty can no longer be paid to the council. It must be paid to the Enforcement Agents.

The Enforcement Agents will take such steps as permitted in law to make contact and to recover the amount due. They are allowed to add to the debt fees for sending letters and making personal visits. However, the amount due to the council will not increase. If you have been contacted by an Enforcement Agent company and do not make arrangements to pay the debt your vehicle or goods may be seized and sold at auction.

The council uses two Enforcement Agent companies to recover outstanding debt. These companies are:


  • Bristow & Sutor Ltd

    Bristow & Sutor Website

    Text: 07781 488270

    Postal address;
    Bartleet Road,
    Washford, Redditch,
    B98 0FL

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