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About the Local Plan

This section is intended to help people looking for information about the Local Plan.

Every planning authority is responsible for drawing up a Development Plan setting out its policies and proposals for building development and land use in their area. Each District or Borough Council prepares a Local Plan for their area. 

The Local Plan guides and informs day to day decisions as to whether or not planning permission should be granted, under the system known as development control.

The Local Plan for Reigate & Banstead

The current Local Plan for Reigate & Banstead is the Borough Local Plan 2005.  The First Alteration, comprising the Revised Deposit Draft 2000 incorporating the Proposed Modifications 2004, was adopted and came into operation on 7 April 2005. It was then combined with the unaltered parts of the 1994 Borough Local Plan, to form the Borough Local Plan 2005.

Under new planning legislation, the Borough Local Plan has to be replaced by a Local Development Framework (LDF). Preparation has started on some of the different components which will form the LDF and eventually replace the policies in the Local Plan. 

Who will the Local Plan be of interest to?

It will be of interest to everyone concerned with development in the Borough.

It gives a degree of certainty to landowners, developers and the public as to what kind of development will and will not be permitted in the area.

There were opportunities for public involvement at various stages in the preparation process.

Get a copy

The Borough Local Plan 2005 is available from the Borough Council. It can be viewed on our website, or you can see copies at libraries or the Town Hall. Copies can be purchased via the Town Hall.

In the preparation of the Local Plan, a number of draft documents and details about the preparation process have been published. There are also previous plans which were replaced. Some of this historic information is available on the website or can be viewed by request via the Town Hall. 

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Last updated : 21/06/2013

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