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Scoping Report SA SEA

This page is about the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Scoping Report

The Scoping Report sets out the plans, policies and programs, from an international to a local level, which will influence the Local Development Framework (LDF), sustainability objectives and indicators, baseline information and the next steps for undertaking sustainability appraisals. 

The baseline outlines the quality of life in the borough today, the key sustainability issues, problems and opportunities, and how the sustainability objectives might be achieved.

Scoping Report

Revised Scoping Report 2012

Consultation on a revised Scoping Report took place in 2012. The final updated Scoping Report (2012) is available below:

Preston and Merstham

Consultation on the SA/SEA Scoping Report for the Preston and Merstham Planning Frameworks was consulted on from 12 April 2011 until 17 May 2011. The responses we received were used to revise the scoping report. The responses and revised scoping report can be seen below. 
This revised scoping report was used for the integrated Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Preston and Merstham Planning Frameworks.

The Preston and Merstham Planning frameworks will eventually become part of the Development Management Policies DPD (formally known as the DMSA) - please see below.

Development Management Policies

The Scoping Report for the Development Management & Site Allocations (DMSA) Development Plan Document (DPD) has been out for a period of consultation which finished in August 2009. The revised version is now available which takes account of the responses that were received during this consultation. Underneath the link to the Revised Scoping Report are copies of the comments received during the consultation period, and a table with our responses to those comments.

The Revised Scoping Report will be used for the Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating the requirements of the 'SEA Directive') of the DMSA DPD.

The other useful document is the baseline data document, which is not specific to the DMSA DPD and will also be used for other appraisals - it is anticipated that this will be updated every 3 years.

2005 SA/SEA Scoping Report

A Revised Scoping Report was prepared in 2005 after public consultation on a preliminary version. Below you can see the revised version of the report along with consultation responses made and how they were taken into account. This revised Scoping report has been used for the Sustainability Appraisals for the Core Strategy, and Supplementary Planning Documents prepared between 2005 and the end of 2009. 

Last updated : 19/02/2014

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