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You can notify us about an event you are organising on this page.

A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is required to carry out licensable activities on unlicensed premises or to operate outside the terms of an existing Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate.

Giving a Temporary Event Notice online

TENs can be given to the council by using the online form. Copies are automatically submitted to the Police at the same time. Please have a credit or debit card available to pay the £21 fee. It is important to note that applications are not checked by the system on submission as it is an electronic delivery and payment method only. The restrictions detailed in the information sheet above still apply.

Give a Temporary Event Notice online (Gov.uk website)

Tacit authorisation applies after two working days unless you hear otherwise from us or the Police. We aim to send an acknowledgement for TENs received within two working days.

The council, residents and local business people are unable to object to the TEN. Only the Police may object within two working days of receiving their copy of the notice. If an objection is received from the Police then a Licensing Sub Committee hearing will be arranged to consider the Notice and the Police representation.

Notifying us about a temporary event

Notices can be received electronically. Alternatively if you prefer to complete the notice by hand they can be downloaded as a PDF or Word document.

Temporary Events Notice downloadable form (Gov.uk website)

There are two types of TEN: a standard TEN and a late TEN. These are subject to different processes: a standard notice is given to the Licensing Authority no later than ten working days before the event to which it relates; and a late notice is given not before nine and not later than five working days before the event. The number of times a person may give a late temporary event notice is 10 times per year for a personal licence holder and 2 times per year for other people.

Applications made online require online payment prior to submission. Written applications sent by post or email must be accompanied by a Cheque or postal order for £21 (made payable to Reigate & Banstead Borough Council).  A copy of the TEN must also be sent at the same time to The Police Licensing Officer and Environmental Protection at the addresses below. Upon receipt, we will process, validate and return a copy of the TEN to display at the event. The event may not be held legally unless a validated TEN has been issued.

Licensable activities

  • the sale or supply of alcohol
  • regulated entertainment (i.e. music, singing or dancing)
  • the provision of late night refreshment (hot food or drink between the hours of 2300 and 0500).

A TEN may be sought for an event involving up to 499 people (including any performers or staff) that lasts for a maximum of 168 hours (7 days). If greater numbers or longer hours are anticipated a full licence will be needed.

Restrictions explained

There are restrictions on the amount of notice that must be given, the number of notices individuals can give and on the total number of events at any premises in a calendar year. The most important to remember are:

  • a minimum of 10 working days must be given not including the event day itself or the day the notice is received by the Council

  • only 15 notices can be given for any premises or part of a premises in a calendar year

  • the total duration in days of any notices given must not add up to more than 21 days within the calendar year, any event that continues beyond midnight will be counted as two days.

Additional restrictions are detailed in the Temporary Events information sheet

Other sources of help and advice

Public registers of TENs can be viewed by appointment by contacting the Licensing Officer.


Licensing Officer
Town Hall
Castlefield Road
Tel: 01737 276672

Environmental Protection
Town Hall
Castlefield Road
Tel: 01737 276423

The Police Licensing Officer
Reigate Police Station
79 Reigate Road
Tel: 01483 638940