Private Hire - New Operators

Private Hire - New operators

In order to accept bookings for private hire vehicles in the Borough of Reigate and Banstead you must first apply for an operator's licence from the Licensing Department.

Before applying for a licence ensure you are familiar the Council's policy, conditions and regulations concerning private hire licensing.  The information you will need is contained in the Private Hire Policy and Conditions booklet.

Before a licence will be granted you will be asked how you intend to ensure compliance with private hire regulations.

You can apply for an operator licence using the following form;

Operator's application form

Applications will not be accepted without the appropriate fee. Information regarding the relavant fees can be found from the link below.

The application should also include a Basic Disclosure criminal records check for all directors or business partners named in the application. You can apply online for the basic disclosure from Disclosure Scotland. If the applicant or anyone else named in the application has already undergone a criminal records check as part of a driver licence application then a basic disclosure will not be required.

For further information or if you wish to discuss becoming a private hire operator with an a Licensing Officer please email us at