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Welcome to our driver application page. This page contains important information for new and renewing drivers.  The application process is a six step process. For ease we have broken the process down for you so you can see what is required. We strongly advise you read and follow all the information on this page.

Please note: The application form is the same for new and renewing drivers.  Before sending the form to us you must have made your payment as this information is required to be entered on your application form. If this information is missing and/or you have not paid your application will be delayed or declined.

Additional checks will be required to be carried out with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) online and with the DVLA after you have supplied the necessary proof of identification.

Six step application process 

Step 1) Telephone Licensing, pay the non-refundable search fee & if you're a new driver you will need to book your driver Knowledge Test 

Phone Licensing on 01737 276672, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm or Wednesday 2pm-4pm and pay a non-refundable search fee by debit or credit card.  If you are using someone elses card to pay you will need their permission and they will need to be present also when we take payment over the telephone. Before calling we advise you to read our 'who can apply for a licence page' to ensure you are eligible to become a driver with us. Before you apply you will need to have access to a valid email address.

If you don't proceed with the application or your application is unsuccessful for any reason, we will not refund the fee. 

Please note we will not process your application if it is sent without making payment first, as you need to include the payment reference number on your application form. There can be between 2 to 8 weeks wait to sit the knowledge test as this depends on applicant volumes. Existing drivers that are renewing do not need to resit the Knowledge Test.

Step 2) When you've paid you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the DBS and DVLA checks. You must follow the instructions in the email. 

The information document (link below) explains step by step how to complete your Enhanced DBS and DVLA online searches. This document should be used with the instructions in the email to assist you in completing the checks.

Note: You must only use the link provided in the email to ensure that a relevant DBS enhanced disclosure check is carried out. A basic disclosure check will not be accepted.

Step 3) Complete your application form and email it to us

As soon as payment has been successfully made, you can complete and send in your application form. Please download the PDF application form. This form is a saveable and editable PDF. Please fill in electronically by typing into the form, electronic submissions usually make us able to process your application quicker, alternatively you can still fill the form in by hand, for best results we recommend using a computer or tablet rather than a smart phone. When you have checked and are happy with the content of the form please email the form to . On the email please put ‘Driver Application’ as the subject line. Please ensure you include your payment reference number starting PYLK on the form in the appropriate section. If this information is missing or your form is incomplete your application will be unable to be processed. You will be required to resubmit your application again in full.  Given the volumes of applications we receive, we are unable to confirm receipt of applications received  or to  keep as pending incomplete/part application submissions. 

Application form DRV for a private hire or Hackney Carriage licence (PDF)

Please do not send this form in until you have paid your application fee. Forms sent in without payment will not be processed. 

For new drivers please note that we must be in receipt of your fully completed application form no later than 10am on the Monday before you are due to sit your knowledge test. If forms are incomplete or submitted after this time or brought with you to the knowledge test you will not be entitled to sit the test. Therefore we advise you send in your application form in ample time before sitting your Knowledge Test.

If you don't have access to a personal computer you may be able to get access to a computer through your operator or from a public library.

Step 4) Supply a medical report completed by your registered doctor

The following medical report must be completed in full by a Doctor from the practice you are registered at.

Medical Report on an applicant for a licence to drive Hackney Carriages or private hire vehicles (PDF)

Your doctor may charge you for the cost of completing the medical report. The report must be completed in full and be stamped/signed and dated by the GP. If questions are not answered fully or information is omitted/boxes not ticked etc this could delay your application and you may have to go back to your GP again. Before submitting a copy of your medical please check it is completed fully yourself and please read the instructions on the form carefully, especially if you have a medical condition. 

Please send a copy of your completed medical to licensing either by email to (mark as 'driver medical' in the subject line please), post,  by dropping off at our reception or at the time of your Knowledge Test. As of 1 June 2017, we now ask that you provide us with a copy rather than original and keep your original document yourself for the duration you hold your licence with us or until you have your next medical. The Licensing Authority reserve the right to request to have sight of the original document upon request.

Step 5) Pass a knowledge test

To become a new private hire or hackney carriage driver you are required to pass a knowledge test. The test has 20 applicant places and is held on a Wednesday morning usually every two weeks. Please note it can often take an applicant several attempts to pass the test. There is currently several months waiting list for a knowledge test place, please bear this in mind when applying.  For more information on the knowledge test please see our specific webpage here knowledge test.

Your first knowledge test is included in your application fee you paid in Step 1.

Step 6) Licence fee

Once all enquiries have been completed and we are satisfied you are a fit and proper person to hold a licence we will email you asking you to pay the licence fee of £74. Further information on our fees can be found on the licence fee page.

After an administration processing period we will be able to create your licence and badges. We will either telephone you when they are ready for collection at the Town Hall or post them out to you (we will ascertain your preference during Step 1). There is no need to call licensing yourself, we will contact you as the administration processing period can vary depending on applicant numbers. We can not issue your licence until the final fee has been paid.

Document Drop In Sessions

We offer a Driver Document Drop in Session at the below days and times only (Note (excluding 24 December to the first working day of the new year).

Tuesday 10am to 11am
Thursday 2pm to 3pm 

The drop in sessions are where drivers can bring in original documents that a Licensing Officers requires to have sight of/check prior to the application progression/issue of a licence. Typical documents commonly required are: passport, driving licence, evidence of your right to work and DBS certificate*. 

If you have a medical report these can be dropped into reception at any time (that reception is open) you do not need to wait for a drop in session. Remember we advise you retain a copy of your medical report for your own records prior to submission.

The sessions will operate on a first come first served basis. Upon arrival at reception you will be issued with a customer number and be required to wait until an Officer is available to see you. The session will commence and end promptly. Time keeping will be against the reception clock. If you arrive after the drop in session time has ended we won't be able to see you due to other work commitments commencing once the session has ended. 

* Note in relation to the DBS update service we can only accept this if you have paid for it and the certificate is for an Enhanced DBS where the “Position applied for” is “Other Workforce” AND “Taxi/Private Hire Driver”. See for more details.