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Updated 05/02/2021

Disappointingly due to suspicious activity and allegations of drivers sharing answers. Knowledge tests have been suspended.
As soon as new arrangements have been implemented, we will contact any drivers requiring a test to advise how to proceed.

We apologise for any delay in deciding existing new applications.
Any new drivers who are considering applying for a licence, please monitor this page for updates on this process before submitting an application.


To allow you to take a test safely you will be sent a link to an online application which you can then complete in a Covid secure environment of your choice. Please follow all instructions carefully as you will need to get every question correct in order to pass the test. The online format is very similar to the written test detailed below.

General Information

To be able to take the test you must have already applied to be a private hire driver with Reigate & Banstead Borough Council.

There are four sections, listed below, with five questions in each section:

1. Ability to read a map and plan a route;

 2. Basic maths - dealing with money and fares;

 3. The Council’s ‘Private Hire Policy and Conditions Document' (PDF); and

 4. The Official Highway Code’ - Department for Transport, Driving Standards Agency (Great Britain). (We do not provide this)

The pass mark is 100 per cent. You must answer each question correctly to pass the test.

We strongly advise that you do not sit the test unless you know how to use a street atlas (see Map Reading Guide below) or have access to an online map/app, and have studied and practiced the 4 sections mentioned above.

Example questions

Below is a PDF link to a sample exam paper. We recommend that you download the sample paper so you are familiar with the type of questions we ask.

Private Hire Sample Knowledge Test Exam Paper (PDF)

Map Reading Guide

A key part of the knowledge test is map work. We have produced a quick map reading guide, based on the Surrey Street Atlas giving worked examples of how to read and understand a map.

Example Map Reading Guide (PDF)