Bulky waste collections

Before getting rid of unwanted furniture, please consider other reuse options. You can contact Furnistore who can give furniture, in good condition, a new home. 

You can select which items and choose collection dates when you:

Book a bulky waste collection online

When using the form the price will automatically update on the top right of the screen when you select an item.

Some details about the domestic bulky waste service:

  • We collect most common domestic household items from outside of domestic properties but there are some exceptions (see the FAQ on Prohibted Items  on the online booking form).
  • We will only collect the items you list, bookings cannot be changed or cancelled. You can book a collection on  a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Fridges and freezers are collected on Wednesdays.
  • All collections take place between 6am and 2:30pm.
  • Items for collection must be placed outside at the front of the property, be accessible and visible for collection. Collection staff do not enter homes, sheds, garages or outbuildings.
  • Items that are not presented correctly, are too dangerous to handle or are unsafe to transport, will not be collected. A minimum charge applies and all charges are non-refundable.