Let us know straight away when you move home so you pay the right amount of council tax.

For this form you will need:

  • New owner or your landlord's name and address. 

You don't need:

  • Your council tax reference number 

Change of address for council tax online form

Moving from one address to another within the borough

Once you've told us, we'll close your old account and send you a bill for anything you still owe. If you have overpaid we can transfer the credit to the account for your new address or refund it to you.

Check the council tax charge for your new address.

You can transfer an existing garden waste membership, let the team know you are moving via our contact us online form and then take your brown bin with you. More information can be found on the Join garden waste page.

Moving into the borough

Tell us straight away using the form above so you will have more time to pay your bill. You must pay it by 31 March.
We charge you from the date you moved in to your new home. Your old council will charge you up to the date you left their area - remember to tell them the date you moved so they get your charge right.

Check the council tax charge for your new address.

Moving out of the borough

We charge you up to the date you moved out. Your new council will charge you from the day you move into their area.

Remember to cancel your garden waste membership separately (as stated in the terms & conditions). It cannot be cancelled via Council Tax.