Three Arches Park site rules

Site rules for Three Arches Park

Up-dated 27 June 2022


  1. Only homes manufactured to British Standards will qualify for acceptance to the park.
  2. Homeowners must be over 50 years of age.
  3. No resident shall lease a mobile home on the site.
  4. The rent is due on the fourteenth (14) of every month by standing order.

Park and garden

  1. All residents must keep the pitch in good condition otherwise works will be carried out by the owners and charged to the residents.
  2. The site owners reserve the right of access to the pitch in an emergency for the service of repair of utilities (i.e., gas, water, sewage and or telephone).
  3. A storage shed must be made from metal and cannot be larger than 8 feet by 6 feet. No more than one per pitch; the shed must be positioned to comply with the site licence and fire safety regulation.
  4. No trees to be planted. Any existing trees must be kept to a maximum height of 4 metres.  All fences must be kept in good repair and to a maximum of 5 feet.
  5. Gardens must be left in a satisfactory condition when vacating the pitch.
  6. Garden fires, including incinerators are not allowed.
  7. The residents must keep the land underneath the mobile home clean, tidy and free from weeds. When repainting reasonable endeavour must be made to adhere to the original exterior colour scheme.
  8. Tents, lean-tos, and awnings must not be erected. No external structural alteration of or addition to the mobile home is permitted without prior approval of the owners in writing.
  9. All residents are responsible for the disposal of all household, recyclable and garden waste in the approved containers provided by the Local Authority.  Containers must not be overfilled. No garden waste must be placed in dustbins.


  1. Parking spaces will not be designated with the sale of units.
  2. All motor vehicles must be parked in designated areas.
  3. No commercial vehicles are to be parked in the car park overnight.
  4. All private vehicles must be taxed, insured and roadworthy.
  5. No repairs, other than minor ones are to be carried out on the owners land.
  6. All vehicles must be driven carefully and not exceed the 5 mph limit.
  7. Parking is not permitted on the road.
  8. Disused and or un-roadworthy vehicles must be removed from the park and the owners reserve the right to remove any vehicle which is apparently abandoned.


  1. Fire hoses may only be used in case of fire.
  2. Garden hoses may not be used for cleaning vehicles.
  3. All external water pipes must be lagged by the homeowners against potential frost damage. The homeowner is responsible for all pipes from ground upwards.
  4. All charges in respect of electricity and water must be paid on demand.


  1. All Park homes must be equipped with a fire extinguisher or fire blanket which conforms to British Standards.
  2. All least one smoke alarm and one carbon monoxide alarm would be fitted in all mobile homes.
  3. Portable oil heaters must not be used.


  1. Electrical installations in mobile homes must comply with relevant British Standard and must not be modified without notification and further test approval.


  1. No flammable substances may be kept on the park except in quantities reasonable for domestic use.
  2. No explosive substances may be kept on the park.
  3. Guns, fire arms, or offensive weapons of any description must not be used on the park and must be only kept with a licence for the appropriate Police Authority.


  1. One dog and one cat are allowed per mobile home. All pets must be kept under control and not allowed to despoil.
  2. The homeowner is responsible for the conduct of children and visitors to her or his home.
  3. No games to be played on the road or car park.
  4. Homeowners must not use the mobile home, the pitch or the park for any business purpose.
  5. No mobile home should be used to accommodate a number of persons in excess of the number of berths installed.