Earlswood and Redhill Commons Survey

We sought the views of visitors to Earlswood and Redhill Commons. We wanted to understand how people use the commons – including how often they visit, their favourite activities and what they think of the facilities.

You said, we did

The results identified several key issues, some of which we are already working on. The management plan already includes maintenance programmes to support and enhance biodiversity, the cutting regime and frequency of mowing, which was implemented as a result of a botanical survey that was carried out in 2020 which highlighted a mixture of rare and national important species such as Harebell, Birds Foot Trefoil, Heath Bedstraw, Tormentil and Yellow Anthills. The Greenspaces team will continue to review the cutting regimes, throughout the length of the management plan, along with keeping areas accessible for residents to enjoy.

Overall, most respondents felt ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ safe in both Earlswood and Redhill Commons. Within the work programmes tasks include maintenance of footpaths and control of overhanging vegetation, keeping the commons accessible to all users. 

Visitors felt that the current signage and maps were sufficient to find their way around the area. Although maps and signage would benefit residents that visit less often  The Greenspaces team will be exploring and working with the steering group to deliver the implementation of more informative interpretation boards to include maps, byelaws and information on the different types of habitats that can be seen. 

Litter and dog mess were seen as an issue on the commons, but most visitors felt it was a minor one. Along with a suggestion of a litter pick station where people can borrow litter pickers, although not included in the management plan, the Greenspaces team continue to work with the street cleansing team and local volunteers to help control the litter on the commons, along with posting messages on our social media platforms, encouraging users of the common to take their rubbish home and recycle.

Most visitors who have access issues, health problems or a disability, still feel able to visit the common, the footpaths are something that has been previously been discussed within the steering group and we will look into any improvements that can be implemented on the existing path network.

This consultation closed on 23 December 2022.