Food prices have been rising rapidly and many households are finding it difficult to afford healthy meals. There is help available:

Food clubs

The Food clubs set up by our Community Development team provide members with nutritious food and basic supplies at a discount. If you’re finding it difficult to afford healthy meals you could be eligible to join one of our Food Clubs. Due to demand, new applicants may need to go on a waiting list.

Community fridges

There are two community fridges in the borough where people can come and help themselves to food, which is close to its sell-by date, free of charge. Local stores donate the food to help those in need and to reduce food waste.

Food banks

Food banks provide free food and essential items for people in short term need. You need to be referred to a food bank by a local agency. Find out more about food banks in the borough.

Healthy Start

If you’re more than 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under 4, you may be entitled to get help to buy healthy food and milk through the NHS Healthy Start Scheme.