Members' allowances

Independent Remuneration Panel

The Independent Remuneration Panel is responsible for advising the Council on the type and level of allowances to be paid to councillors.

The Panel meets four or five times each year and considers:

  • the roles and responsibilities of all councillors, including those with special responsibilities
  • comparative allowances paid by other councils and public bodies and hears evidence and representations to inform its conclusions regarding an appropriate scheme of allowances for this council.

Members of the panel

Members of the panel are not affiliated to the council either by membership of a local political party or by close association to any councillor or employee.

Whilst Panel members are not required to have experience of local government it is important to have some experience of public life, be able to command respect within the council and to inspire confidence amongst residents of the borough.

Becoming a member of the panel

Members of the Independent Remuneration Panel are appointed for three years.

We are not currently recruiting for members of the Panel. 

Reports of the panel

Members' allowances scheme

The members' allowances scheme for the financial year 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025 can be viewed below, along with the schemes for the previous two years.

You can also view a breakdown of members' allowances claimed in previous years, including basic, special responsibility, travel and IT: