Councillor code of conduct

The Council has adopted a Code of Conduct to ensure high standards in the way Councillors undertake their duties:

If you feel that a Councillor has failed to follow the Code and wish to make a complaint you will need to write to the council's Monitoring Officer with details, including any relevant evidence:

  • Monitoring Officer
    Reigate & Banstead Borough Council
    Castlefield Road
    Surrey, RH2 OSH

Alternatively you can complete the online form below:

Online Councillor complaints form

If your complaint is about our services and not specifically about a councillor please use the Complaints page.

Councillor duty

Each of the Borough's Councillors has a duty to the whole community and a special duty to their ward constituents.  

Councillors are elected by our residents and are not full-time council workers. Some have full-time jobs, others are retired. All give up a great deal of their own time to serve their local community.

The Councillors serve on committees which meet regularly to discuss the council's business.

The Borough also has a Mayor and a Deputy Mayor, who attend over 300 civic, ceremonial and social engagements each year.

Appointment of Independent Persons

Councils have a duty to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by their elected councillors and co-opted members. The Localism Act 2011 (the Act), requires every council to have in place a process under which allegations that a member or co-opted member of that council has failed to comply with the relevant council’s code of conduct can be investigated and decisions made on such allegations. The Act requires a council to appoint at least one Independent Person whose views must be sought by the council before it takes a decision on an allegation that it has decided shall be investigated and whose views can be sought by the council at any other stage, or by a councillor against whom an allegation has been made.

The appointments are for a four-year term of office. Currently, we do not have any vacancies.

For further information, please contact Joyce Hamilton, Monitoring Officer