Before you leave the armed forces:

  • You will receive a ‘Certificate of cessation of entitlement to occupy service living accommodation’ 6 months before the end of your service, which states when your accommodation will end.
  • You must start looking for alternative accommodation as soon as you receive this certificate
  • You can contact the Council on 01737 276790 for advice and support regarding the housing options that may be available to you.

Your housing options may vary if you / your family member are leaving the armed forces for the following reasons:

  • Relationship breakdown
  • Death in service
  • Standard discharge / retirement from services
  • Discharged on medical grounds
  • Discharge on disciplinary grounds / dishonourable discharge

For detailed advice on what to do in these circumstances please see our downloadable factsheet below. The factsheet also contains:

  • Information of different housing options
  • A list of hostels and night shelters which are in or close to this borough
  • Contact details of various organisations that can offer you support
  • Other useful contact details

I am leaving the armed forces / a veteran (PDF)